At Don Jon*s Lodge, we empower our community and natural habitat by making small, sustainable commitments.

Surf and Yoga

Living in a surf town, it is a priority that our local youth get the opportunities provided by the ocean and our favorite past time. Don Jon*s supports a local team, supplementing or covering financial needs for local and national contests and aiding in transportation to and from tournaments. We provide a safe, healthy place for surfers to hang out and cause trouble. As a complement to surf, we offer free yoga to the local community for students committed to developing a consistent practice.

Forest Preservation

Don Jon*s preserves the forest to keep the monkey passages from the mountain to the beach and back, and keep the property green so the land’s natural life can thrive. We share our coconuts with the squirrels, we plant trees that the butterflies like and plant trees that produce many favorite fruits (for the animals and the humans).


Don Jon*s has created a stellar bio-garden on our lodge grounds to promote the community’s initiative to build and promote a sustainable ecosystem. Our filtering and drainage system converts waste water into clean water that is used to nourish the bio-garden’s plants and life. We clean only with biodegradable products so that we nourish the land and the ocean while renewing our living space.

Reduce and Reuse

At Don Jon*s, we use conservatively, ensuring that reduction is our first tactic to reduce waste. We reuse creatively and safely and implement a healthy composting system that converts material from the kitchen to organic soil to fertilize our gardens and trees.

Vegetable and Herbs Greenhouse

Don Jon*s labored its own greenhouse for vegetables and herbs so that our guests can snack fresh and experience the benefits of natural foods. We use our homegrown organic fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, including papaya, avocados, plantains, lemons, guanabana, mangos, coconuts, bananas and other seasonal fruits.


As a last effort after reducing and reusing, Don Jon*s protects the environment by recycling. Our guests are well-acquainted with our efforts, making it easy to properly dispose of bottles, cans, cartons, metal and residual construction materials.
The efforts to build a sustainable community in Santa Teresa are many, and we are proud to be long-time contributors at Don Jon*s.